Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Review

Coredy, known for its quality home appliances, has released a new robot vacuum cleaner—the Coredy R750. This sleek and powerful vacuum cleaner makes cleaning your floors quick and easy.

With its intuitive navigation system, the Coredy R750 can easily navigate furniture and other obstacles. Its powerful suction capabilities allow it to quickly clean even the dirtiest surfaces.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful and efficient robot vacuum cleaner, the Coredy R750 is worth considering.

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum

What are The Features of the Coredy R750

Three colors available

  • White
  • Silver-gray
  • Black

It’s the most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner I have seen so far, and this fantastic technology has all kinds of features to make your life easier. 

The Coredy R750 is powered by the latest in robotic vacuum technology. Its dual-motor system uses two powerful motors to move and clean more effectively than similar top-rated robot vacuum cleaners.

The first motor controls the machine’s navigation while also helping to detect obstacles, so you don’t have to run into things all day long like some robots do.

The second motor specifically involves suction power, including reversing action when needed. It ensures that every part of your floor gets picked up because this little guy will keep going until everything is spotless.

You should know that there are several modes for cleaning hard floors or carpeting: Carpet Boost mode is perfect for deep cleaning carpets, while the Quiet way is excellent for noise-sensitive areas.

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Smart Cleaning

Cleaning Time Memory Function

The device memorizes when it was cleaned last time and will clean for up to two hours after leaving home.

Then, it goes back into standby mode until it detects human presence again or if its battery level drops below 20%. You can also set a cleaning schedule via the Alexa App (more options are available but not currently supported).

Cleaning Area

The Coredy R750 can clean an area of up to 600 square feet. It also has a virtual wall that you can set on your smartphone or Alexa App. It will stop cleaning when there is no human presence around (it supports Amazon Echo devices).

Mop Function Powered by Mopping Pad—This robot vacuum cleaner converts into a mop with the moping function! This means that the robotic vacuum cleaner not only sweeps our floors but also helps with responsible housework like mopping.

How neat is that? You don’t need to use rags anymore because you must attach the mopping pad and let it do its job.

The Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent addition to any home. With its upgraded features, it makes cleaning more accessible than ever before. Whether at home or not, this robot vacuum cleaner has you covered. 

Start enjoying a clean and dust-free environment.

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Smart Cleaning App Control

How Does the Coredy R750 work?

The CR750 robot vacuum cleaner is out to clean your floors for you. Up to 2200Pa suction power and uses advanced navigation technology to map and plan its route around your home, ensuring that every inch of the floor is covered.

You can also use the built-in mopping system to scrub away dirt and grime on hard surfaces, and the virtual boundary feature allows you to set limits on the robot’s movement.

It makes it perfect for cleaning off-limits areas like stairs or pet cages. With a sleek, super-thin design, the CR750 is ideal for homes with limited space. And if you have an Echo device, you can control the robot vacuum using voice commands.

How To Set Up Coredy R750?

First, remove all the stickers and packaging material. Then, place the robot vacuum cleaner on a flat surface so its wheels can touch the ground.

The device has two buttons on the top—one for power and the other for returning to the home base. A blue light blinks when it’s charging.

To charge your Coredy R750, plug the AC adapter into an outlet and connect it to the robot vacuum cleaner. The light indicator on the device’s front will turn solid blue once it has begun charging. The charge time for this unit is about four hours.

Once charged, you’re ready to get started! Turn on your robot by pressing the power button and wait for the blue light to turn on. You will then see a voice prompt telling you the robot is ready to clean. To start, press the “go” button.

The R750 has two modes: automatic and spot mode. In automatic mode, the robot intuitively cleans your entire floor but only focuses on one specific area in sports mode.

You can also activate virtual boundary lines to prevent the robot from entering specific sites (like your bedroom or office). Press the corresponding buttons on the top of the device and draw a line using the included remote control.

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Intelligent Mopping System

How To Program Coredy R750

The Coredy R750 robotic vacuum cleaner is out for convenience and ease of use. But if you don’t know how to program it, here’s a quick guide:

First, download the Coredy Smart Home App from the App Store or Google Play.

Once you’ve created your account, select Add Product and choose the Coredy R750 from the list of available products.

You’ll need to provide your robot with basic information such as your name, address, and WiFi password. Owners can also use the app to set up a virtual boundary to restrict the robot from entering a particular area.

This feature is handy if you have pets or children and don’t want them to get too close to your Coredy R750 while cleaning.

Once everything is ready, just press select on your app (or click “home” on the mobile browser) and watch as your new robotic vacuum cleaner does its job.

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Boost-Intellect Technology

Coredy R750 How To Use

Steps: Turn the virtual boundary. Plug the robot vacuum cleaner and charge it for about 30 minutes before using it. Once done, press the ON/OFF button to turn it on. The blue light will blink twice and stay solid, indicating that your Coredy R750 is ready to clean.

Press the button (Clean) once more to start cleaning immediately without setting boundaries. First, draw a closed shape by tapping “Draw Line” to set boundaries.

When you’re done drawing, tap the CLEAR line icon to erase all drawn lines and redraw the shape. If you want to edit or delete the border, double-tap on it.

How To Connect Coredy R750 To WiFi

The Coredy R750 is an intelligent vacuum cleaner you can control from your phone. It can also work independently and deliver its best performance based on your house’s specifications.

The robotic vacuum cleaner will start cleaning when you set everything up so that you can do your job without being disturbed by anyone except yourself!

It comes with an exclusive mopping system, which allows this robot to clean more than just dust particles from all over the room, even if there are stains or spills on the floor.

It has sensors to know where every corner is in your home and ensure nothing gets left behind during each pass. 

To connect the Coredy R750 to your WiFi, ensure the vacuum is turned on, and then press and hold the “W” button on top of the machine for about three seconds until you see the blue light flashing.

Once it starts blinking rapidly, release the button and wait for a few minutes until the robot connects to your network automatically.

Coredy R750 Pet Friendly Robot Vacuum

How To Connect Coredy R750 To Alexa?

First, make sure that your Coredy R750 is full of energy. Then, open the Alexa app on your phone and search for “Robot Vacuum” in the Skills section.

Once you have found the skill, click on it to open it and click on the “Enable” button. You will then be prompted to sign in to your Amazon account. After signing in, you will be asked to permit the Alexa skill to control your robot vacuum cleaner. Click the button(Allow), and you are ready to go.

To start vacuuming, say, “Alexa, ask Robot Vacuum to start cleaning.” You can also ask Alexa how much battery life is left or the vacuum’s status.

To stop vacuuming, say, “Alexa, ask Robot Vacuum to stop cleaning.” You can also ask Alexa to pause the vacuum or return it to its charging dock.

If you need help with anything else, open the Alexa app and search for “Robot Vacuum” in the Help section. There, you can find a list of FAQs and troubleshooting tips.

How To Reset Coredy R750

It is straightforward to reset the Coredy R750 robot vacuum cleaner. Push the power button for about five seconds until the light flashes green. Once it does, release the button, and you will reset your robot.

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa, Mopping System, Boost Intellect, Virtual Boundary Supported, 2200Pa Suction
Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa, Mopping System, Boost Intellect, Virtual Boundary Supported, 2200Pa Suction

How To Mop Coredy R750

The Coredy R750 has a mopping system that you can use to clean hard floor surfaces. To use the mopping system, follow these steps:

The fabric should be damp, not wet. Plug the Coredy R750 and press the Mopping button on the robot vacuum cleaner. The robot will start moving forward and stop when it reaches the end of the cleaning path.

At this point, you can lift the Robot Vacuum Cleaner or push it forward manually to continue its journey. When it finishes its cleaning path, the robot returns to its place.

The Coredy R750 robot vacuum cleaner is the latest technology, designed to clean your carpets faster than any other product. It’s also easy to use and maintain—press a button on the remote control for one-touch operation.

With its powerful suction function, it can pick up even stubborn pet hair that traditional vacuums can’t handle. You’ll be glad you have it around after shedding season comes around.