How to Make GIFs for Tumblr

Making GIFs for Tumblr is quite simple! You can make an animated image using one of several free online tools. To start, you’ll need a few images to work with. Once you have those, there are two main options: creating it in a photo editor or online service.

Creating in a Photo Editor: Using your preferred photo editor (such as Photoshop or Gimp), you can make an animation by assigning different parts of the same picture to separate frames and setting how long each frame should stay on the screen before switching to the next one.

When done correctly, this will create an animation effect that looks like the frames have seamlessly blended into each other. Additionally, some editors support motion blur, which can help make your animations look more realistic and smooth out edges for longer transitions between frames or scenes – perfect for making GIFs for Tumblr!

Creating with Online Services: Using services such as GifMaker and EZGIF, it’s possible to quickly create great-looking GIFs from existing images without needing any special software (or knowledge!).

All these services require users to upload their desired photos and then set specific parameters such as length of time per frame, number of loops, etc., resulting in an impressive animated image that can quickly be shared across platforms like Tumblr within minutes.

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