Redragon K621 Horus TKL Review

The Redragon K621 Horus TKL is a mechanical keyboard designed for gamers and not only. It offers an excellent balance of the many features one would expect from a gaming keyboard without overdoing it, distracting some gamers. With Cherry MX switches and RGB lighting, this keyboard is perfect for any gamer looking for their following favourite peripherals.

Redragon K621 Horus TKL Review

The Redragon K621 Horus TKL is a new addition to the gaming keyboard market and packs quite a punch. It has mechanical switches, an ergonomic wrist support design, various lights with 10+ preinstalled modes, removable USB cable system that allows you to choose micro USB or USB Type C cables to your taste. These features are wrapped up in an affordable package starting at $49.99, making this keyboard perfect for any gamer who wants quality without breaking their budget.

The Redragon K621 Horus is a TKL tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that offers an affordable alternative to the popular Ducky One and Corsair K65. Everything you need for a gaming or workstation keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches, RGB lighting with on-the-fly control, and a solid aluminium frame.

The Redragon K621 Horus TKL Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent keyboard for gamers, typists, or anyone that wants a reliable and well-built keyboard. It has everything you need to be productive in your day-to-day life without the extra frills of other keyboards. This article will explain why this is one of the best mechanical keyboards on the market today! It’s small enough for gaming but large enough to type on.

It features mechanical switches and anti-ghosting technology, making it great for gamers who play fast-paced games like first-person shooters. The keys are also backlit with three brightness levels, enabling you to game in low-light situations without any keystrokes! 

One of the pluses of this keyboard is that it has a removable cable. It frees you from thinking about changing your lines or dealing with them before you try typing. The K621 Horus also comes with an advanced anti-ghosting feature that gives you six different keys at once for faster, more comfortable, and more accurate typing.

How to Choice Right Keyboard for Your Computer?

Keyboard Types: There are three types of keyboards you should know about when shopping for your new computer keyboard. These include membrane, mechanical, and scissor switches. Membrane keyboards feature rubber domes under the keys that cushion each keystroke to provide feedback without any actual input from a switch mechanism underneath it.

Mechanical switches give users a tactile response every time they press, thanks to separate metal springs under each button. Scissor switchboards integrate their hardware into an integrated circuit board, on top of which sits a silicone sheet. Between two layers when they move together or move away while working. Because most gaming enthusiasts prefer something more durable than standard consumer electronics, they usually opt for mechanical keyboards.

Review on Redragon keyboards.

The Horus is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. It’s got the standard 52 keys but no number pad or function keys here. It will save you some desk space and make it easier to carry around if you’re on your laptop all day at work or school.

The switches are Cherry MX Red, which isn’t my favourite type since I’m an authoritative typist who prefers clicks over linear motion. Still, typing speed freaks might like them because they have no tactile bump, making it easier to hold specific key presses without accidentally holding others down. Redragon has included O-rings preinstalled underneath each keycap so that none of those noises come through when pressing the keys down.

The Horus has a straightforward, no-frills design. The keyboard has two colours on the outside, and you can choose from them: black or red for the accent colour on each keycap, and there is only one LED backlight option: Blue with white text labels printed on keyboards. Hence, it’s not distracting during day-to-day use, but you can still see what your fingers should be doing without looking down. It will help you type quickly.

This keyboard does not have multimedia buttons that take up space and other valuable features such as volume adjustment or skipping records in media players when working on some essays for a lesson/work where there is time. Do not waste time browsing different menus to cut the song.

The Horus doesn’t have any USB pass-through ports, so you’ll need to use up at least one of your motherboard’s USB slots for something else, but that means there isn’t much wiring going on with this keyboard keeps the whole unit nice and tidy. Excellent mechanical keyboard without too many nice bells and whistles. I recommend the Redragon’s K552 or their Horus model. Plus, these units are built very solidly despite being relatively lightweight (around two pounds), So you do not have to worry about them falling apart.

Redragon K621 Horus TKL review

The Horus K651 LED-backlit mechanical keyboard is a compact tenkeyless design with various features to improve your gaming experience. This TKL model has 87 keys, including 12 multimedia keys and 11 customized keycaps for faster control over volume, playback, and other functions. The device’s frame is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, making it robust enough to withstand heavy-duty use.

Each keycap on this Redragon mechanical keyboard uses durable laser-etched ABS material and double with a dual ultraviolet coating that ensures they disintegrate or wear out under extreme working conditions. In addition, you can choose between different lighting modes to suit your preferences at any given time while playing games or typing emails, etc.

What is the Redragon K621 Horus TKL keyboard?

The Horus is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. It means that it does not have the Numpad on its right side, perfect for the gamer who wants to save space but has no need for macro keys or extra key-caps. When you add your mouse and wrist rests, this keyboard will take up even less space than most standard keyboards! 

The Horus is available in three different versions, each with its light configuration:

  • Solid Backlight: Red, Blue, or Green lighting. This version has a bright backlight and is available in two colour options: Red, Blue, or Green lighting.

This version has a bright backlight and is available in two different colour options.

  • Breathing Backlight: White light that slowly pulses on and off, providing a stimulating effect for gamers who play at night while their significant other sleeps nearby! The breathing option also allows you to choose from three brightness levels. *For the Solid Color versions of this keyboard, please see our review*

The white light slowly pulses on and off, stimulating gamers who play at night while their significant other sleeps nearby! The breathing option also allows you to choose from three brightness levels. *For the Solid Color versions of this keyboard, please see our review*

  • Rainbow Backlight: This version has a fully customizable backlight with over 16 million colour options. 


With its sleek design and full RGB backlighting, this tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical gaming keyboard will make your battle station (gaming station) look amazing. It also comes with an aluminium top panel to provide extra durability and protection against accidental spills or scratches – we know how rough gamers can be on their keyboards. And if those weren’t enough reasons to buy one of these bad boys, remember that made by a company called “Redragon,” which sounds like some heavy metal band from the 80s.

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