Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Honest Review

Lenovo is a name that most people recognize. They are the creators of quality laptops, tablets, and other electronics for different use cases. The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is an Android tablet built to have some powerful specifications while being affordable at the same time. This article will cover all the features you need to know about this fabulous device, So you can think about whether it fits your requirements!

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Honest

A Versatile Tablet for Professional Use

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro has an 11.60-inch IPS FHD display with 1920 by 1080 pixels. It is excellent for watching videos, playing games, reading books, and much more.

It is energy efficient, which means you can use it all day long without thinking the battery is dying on you anytime soon. Some front-facing speakers have Dolby Atmos support for loud audio quality while listening to music or streaming movies from applications like Netflix.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is an excellent tablet for business users who need long battery life and a durable design. It’s also suitable for students since it has the latest Android operating system and includes Microsoft Office apps.

This device offers an optional keyboard that makes it easier to type on than other tablets in its price range. Plus, there are plenty of ports to connect accessories like printers or storage devices. 

If you want a laptop replacement that doesn’t compromise performance, then this might be the perfect device for you! 

The Best Features of the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro are

A gorgeous, massive screen delivers a crisp, clear picture day or night while its long-lasting, fast-charging battery keeps you going for days between charges. It works as hard as you do with an octa-core processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 graphics card that never skips a beat.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro has two front speakers by Harman Kardon, which provide immersive sound quality when listening to music or watching videos, whether at home or on the go, via Bluetooth connectivity (check compatibility).

If your headphones are not wireless, they can be easily connected through a USB Type C connectivity port to enjoy high-definition stereo audio output without any interruption from wires getting in the way.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is with a 12MP rear camera that can capture incredible shots in any light and an ultra-wide-angle front-facing camera that’s perfect for group selfies or video chats no matter where you are. Thanks to GPS tracking.

Face Recognition

A unique feature of this tablet is Face Unlock security technology, which allows you to unlock your device by looking into it and keeping your prying eyes out while never having to remember passwords again. 

This laptop also has Lenovo App Explorer pre-installed, so you will have easy access to all kinds of apps, be it in the Google Play Store or other popular app stores, including Microsoft Office 365 ™, which gives professionals more. The choice than ever.

What do you need to know about the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro?

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is a versatile tablet with a 12.0-inch FHD display powered by Snapdragon 850 chipset with Adreno 630 GPU, which gives you fantastic performance for playing games and watching high-quality videos. It runs on Windows OS, allowing users to access many apps, including the Microsoft Office suite that works like editing documents or creating presentations.

The tablet also has a USB Type C port, a fingerprint sensor for authentication, a headphone jack (yes, it still exists), dual speakers on the bottom for multimedia content, and two front-facing cameras (16 MP). + 0.95 MP) Perfect enough to take a selfie anywhere, anytime, even in low light.

This device gives you fantastic performance and looks sleek and stylish. It is an excellent choice for professional users.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro comes in two colours: black and silver. The colour finish of this tablet perfectly matches the brushed metal back cover, giving it an elegant look that would turn some heads when you use it in public places.

It has smooth curves, making holding this device easy and comfortable even with one or both hands if you need to type something using its physical keyboard attachment (sold separately). Lenovo Tab P11 Pro features a full-sized USB Type-A port, so connecting mice, keyboards, and flash drives are not an issue here.

Its battery life can last up to about 11 hours, depending on your usage but don’t worry about finding adapters because charging can be done via a power bank or using your laptop as a charging source if you are on the go.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is still competing with other companies that produce tablets. Don’t underestimate this device because its features and specifications can give it an edge over the rest—looking for a tablet replacement? 

Pros and Cons of Lenovo Tab 11 pro

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is a versatile tablet for professional use to launch apps via touch screen or dedicated keyboard. It features an IPS full HD display and 64 GB internal storage, which is expanded to 128GB via a microSD card slot. Its powerful Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor ensures multitasking without any glitches.

At the same time, its 13 MP rear camera comes equipped with an autofocus feature, so you get impressive images in sharp focus every time! This device keeps professionals like students and business persons in mind as it offers a long battery life of 4850 mAh and higher RAM (up to one GB) than most other tablets today.

Furthermore, this Lenovo tablet also supports OTG functionality which means you can connect a wide range of devices, including keyboards, speakers, and even USB drives.

Lenovo Tab 11 Pro is an Android tablet that provides many valuable features to its users. It has a decent screen and good speakers, and the battery life doesn’t disappoint. However, this device is not the best for gaming or watching videos due to its low-resolution display.

Still, if you need something for work-related tasks, the Lenovo tab P11 pro can fit your needs perfectly!

The most significant thing is that it offers high performance at an affordable price, making Lenovo tab p11 pro one of the most popular tablets among students and professionals. I want a reliable tablet with professional specifications. Look no further than Lenovo’s tablet lineup because they offer what you need!

Lenovo Tab 11 Pro is one of the best choices for looking for a tablet in a professional or educational setting because it delivers performance, battery life, and durability.

Lenovo’s new Android-based tablet, “P11”, offers many valuable features, such as fast charging high screen resolution (1920 x 1080) HD display, which makes it perfect for watching videos, reading books, and many others. This device has powerful front speakers. So you can switch to the new world of multimedia just by turning on the headphones.

It has a large battery that can provide up to 18 hours of continuous usage thanks to its 4000mAh capacity. You may also like: “Lenovo Tab P11 Pro tablet Pros and Cons 2018-2019” More information about this product is below the description section of my review of Lenovo tab p11 pro. Best Tablets for Kids: Top Rated Tablet Devices for Your Children’s Educational Needs

Lenovo is one of the best companies for creating devices with low budget costs but still reliable performance. It is excellent news if you want an Android tablet that will work reliably at an affordable price. Because Lenovo has just released its latest model called the “P11”. 


Lenovo was a company that was constantly improving its products. The Tab P11 Pro is no exception, with its stunning features, such as the 10.1″ WQXGA FHD+ display and Dolby Atmos DTS-certified speakers, to give you an immersive experience in your hands.

This tablet also offers long battery life for up to 18 hours on Wi-Fi or 17 hours on LTE (up from 16) and includes both front and rear cameras so you can be productive any time of day–or take those special moments with family.