Samsung Galaxy J8 Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy J8 is a new smartphone that Samsung released in 2018. It has the latest technology in mind and comes in black and gold colors. The phone has a 5.5-inch display screen for better viewing photos or videos, but it still fits easily into your pocket due to its slim design. Other features include an 8MP front camera which allows you to take beautiful selfies when out with friends, and a 16MP rear camera so you can capture memories from special events such as weddings or vacations!

With 4GB of RAM and 32/64GB storage space, there is plenty of room for all your favorite apps. This phone also has a built-in wireless charging function. We have just one for you if you are looking for a new smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy J8 is an excellent choice and has many features that make it your favorite phone! Let’s see what makes the phone so great and why you should consider purchasing it today. Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy J8 by reading our blog post below!

Samsung Galaxy J8 Smartphone Review

The screen has an 18:19 aspect ratio of about five inches diagonally, making it more prominent. It also comes in two sizes of storage – 32GB or 64 GB, with support for external memory cards up to 256 GB if you need additional space. The device can expand by adding a microSD card for more memory options. There is only one color option available right now, so no customization will be possible when purchasing your new phone unless you have creative friends who can draw on it! We love black phones because they hardly show smudges or fingerprints, although white is also an option.

The camera on the front of this phone is rated at 13 megapixels and can take excellent pictures in most situations. We like that Samsung included a selfie flash for low light settings, which means your selfies will turn out great even indoors with not-so-kind lighting! The rear-facing camera comes equipped with 16 megapixels. It has autofocus, touch focus, and geo-tag (this feature helps track where you took all these fantastic photos).

It has shooting recognition modes to improve image quality by finding faces inside the viewfinder. There’s nothing worse than carrying multiple photoshoots only to find out that the one with your eyes open was the best after all – this camera helps ensure you get a great shot every time!

This phone uses an octa-core processor and runs on Android OS. The speed is excellent, but we didn’t notice much difference from our other devices, which upgraded to run faster equipment. Some handy features are included to help improve battery life, including power-saving and ultra-power-saving modes, should you need them. When using these modes, you will see a dramatic decrease in available apps and screen brightness, so keep that in mind when going into them.

Do not expect emails or social media to be accessible until they are off again! It also comes with an app called Game Launcher, which is supposed to help improve gaming performance, but we didn’t notice any improvement when using it.

What stood out was the fingerprint scanner built into the side of the phone. This sensor can unlock your device without entering your passcode or pattern. Whenever you want to use it, it makes life much easier! The only downside is that this feature does take some getting used to since most phones open on front-facing screens instead of sideways like this one. Still, after spending some time with the function, we started feeling more comfortable using it!

There are also two cameras, one facing up toward your face and another aimed at whatever surface you place your phone on. If you’re worried about security and keeping your data safe, the fingerprint scanner is the way to go with this one since it will help keep things inaccessible if someone else picks up your phone by mistake!

The Samsung Galaxy J series is an excellent gift for anyone who wants an easy-to-use smartphone without paying too much. We recommend picking these phones; we don’t think you’ll be disappointed! They make excellent gifts not only because of their price but also due to how fun they are to use – especially if selfies and gaming sound like something that interests you personally (or whoever might be receiving them as a present)!

What are the features of the Samsung J8?

Samsung J Series is a new series from Samsung launched in 2018. It has the following features: 

  • Super AMOLED screen with 1440 x 720 pixels resolution, 18.0:
  • 1080 Pixel Screen-to-Body Ratio and 82% Color Gamut 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octa Core Processor clocked at up to 1500 MHz speed for high performance 
  • The dual rear camera of 13 MP+13 MP both with autofocus lens, LED flashlight, and facial recognition feature along with Digital Zoom & Auto Flashlight, which gives you better pictures under different lighting conditions! The front selfie Camera comes with 16MP resolution, capturing perfect selfies even when there is low light around you! This phone also operates on Oreo operating system. And this phone comes in two different storage options, 32GB and 64GB, both expandable up to 256 GB.

Does the phone support wireless charging?

What other things can you do on this phone besides calling and texting people and everyday tasks like taking pictures or browsing the Internet? Does it have a large storage capacity to accommodate all your files, videos, etc.? What is the maximum amount of memory one can use in the device with an SD card? Do you know any reliable and cheap data sim cards for using mobile Internet abroad in Europe or America without having to pay exorbitant charges for making calls across borders when roaming with their own SIM card while traveling abroad? 

How does Samsung Galaxy J’s display perform?

Samsung Galaxy J’s display performs well. There are various camera options, including the depth sensor, that you can use to create a bokeh effect in portraits or blurred backgrounds. It has a great camera, decent battery life, and a sleek design. The display of Samsung Galaxy j series devices is good enough to get one by in everyday usage scenarios.

Does it have a large storage capacity to accommodate all your files, videos, etc.? What is the maximum amount of memory one can use in the device with an SD card? Do you know any reliable and cheap data sim cards for using mobile Internet abroad in Europe or America without having to pay exorbitant charges for making calls across borders when roaming with their own SIM card while traveling abroad? Can we play games such as Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing on Android phones that offer high-end graphics?

Is Samsung Galaxy J8 worth buying? How does it compare to other phones?

Samsung Galaxy J Series comprises the best Android smartphones from Samsung. The latest addition to this series is the Samsung Galaxy J-Series, including some of the most desirable handsets you can purchase in 2018. Suppose you are looking for a new phone and want all the incredible features this device offers that emphasize its presence among the top models. In that case, you can quickly decide on your favorite device without confusion and hassle.


Samsung’s Galaxy J8 is an excellent option for anyone looking to get the most out of their smartphone investment. It has an 18.5:9 display, a rear camera with 13 megapixels, and a front-facing camera with 8 MP that will take your selfies and video chats to new heights! The phone also offers 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM capacity and many other features like One UI, Infinity Display, Android Oreo (Go Edition), Bixby 2.0 & more.

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