Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Full Compact Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is just what you need if you need a powerful tablet. This new device has everything from an AMOLED display to 4GB of memory and comes in 8 colors. And with the latest Android 9 Pie operating system installed, this tablet will never become outdated!

This is a high-quality device for any business user who needs to get work done on the move or in meetings.

You can’t go wrong with an Android OS if you are already familiar with it from your smartphone, so this will not feel unusual! It helps that there is no bloatware either – just pure android experience which makes updates easier when they become available.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Is tab S5e discontinued?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S line is the best tablet you can get on the market. With its stunning design, powerful specs, and overall performance, it beats all other competitors out there.

That’s why we are surprised that Samsung discontinued this model while leaving us with two older tablets of tab s tablets – tab A (2018) and Tab E for 2019.

Samsung is a very influential company in today’s mobile technology. The South Korean company has invested much into research and development, thus making them pioneers in introducing new product features.

When we talk about tablets, they came up with their first tablet in 2010 called, Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Is tab S discontinued? This powerful brand was founded 70 years ago and rose rapidly after creating an innovative smartphone.

It produces fantastic smartphones, such as the Note series, which critics praise for having excellent battery life and other cool features like a stylus pen.

Now, let’s talk about their tablets. The South Korean company launched its first tablet in 2010 called the Galaxy Tab, and since then, it has been a fan favorite among people who love to read books or watch movies on giant screens.

They have continued to enhance this phone’s features over time, making buying one worthy of every penny spent by consumers.

Since last year when Apple stopped launching iPads for some unknown reasons, there has been massive demand from customers because they wanted something that could replace an iPad easily without having any problems whatsoever.

Samsung Galaxy S: Are tabs discontinued? Fortunately, after going through all these issues, Samsung decided to bring back their primary product – “The Tablet.” This new series is called the Galaxy Tab S, and it seems they have solved all of Apple’s problems with this new launch.

Samsung Galaxy TAB A: Is the tab discontinued? The most exciting thing about these tablets is that Samsung has already launched them in India, which means you can now buy one without waiting for months or even years!

Their previous launches are anything to consider; then, there’s hardly any chance of being wrong when estimating the time taken by the company before releasing their products in the Indian market.

As far as performance is concerned, users can expect amazing things from this tablet series because they will not disappoint, considering how well-built every single product made by Samsung is to date.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Are tabs discontinued? The South Korean company produces long-lasting effects, making them even more reliable when buying electronic gadgets like mobile phones or tablets.

How old is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is an Android tablet released in April 2019, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, Which makes it powerful enough to handle your tasks without slowing down and being innovative. How much does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e cost?

The choices for this tablet model are varied: these include both 64GB and 128GB storage models (with no SD card slot) that come either Wi-Fi only or LTE enabled (there’s also one version that includes both).

These start from around $600, making them a tad pricey but not out of reach for many people looking for a suitable quality device on their next upgrade/purchase. For those interested in buying the tablet, the closest store to get it is probably Best Buy.

Full Tablet Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a series of Android-based tablets designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics, primarily oriented towards high-end models with features such as LTE connectivity and an included stylus (the “S Pen”).

In contrast, previous models had focused on increasing screen size at the expense of resolution or battery life. In 2013, it became the flagship of the S pen, making it easy and enjoyable to write text on a smartphone, which later became its standalone product, called Air Command, known as the Samsung Notes app it supports.

The handwriting feature with WACOM digitizer technology is built into their latest Galaxy Tab S models and the previously discontinued Galaxy Note series.

Samsung began taking pre-orders for the tablet on March 12, 2019, and officially released it in stores starting April 02, 2019.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab S at a press event hosted by US wireless operator AT&T Mobility on June 13, 2012. LTE support is one of its critical features alongside its low price, between mid-range smartphones and high-end premium tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Full Tablet Specifications

  • Dimensions | 167.0 x 243.0 x 48 mm (H x W x D)
  • Processor | Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, Hexa-core
  • Memory & Storage Capacity | 64GB / 128GB
  • Operating System Version | Android Pie
  • Display Size & Type Screen Size – 15in Super AMOLED
  • Resolution – 1600×2560 pixels Aspect Ratio – 16:20
  • Camera Primary Camera Sensor Image Resolution f/22,
  • Aperture Auto Focus Optical Image Stabilization Flash, LED Video Capture HD Recording Front Facing Secondary Camera
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi 80211ac protocol Bluetooth v70 ANT+ USB port MicroUSB Headphone Jack
  • Power Battery Life Usage Time – Up to 19 hours Standby Time | up to 100 days
  • SIM Card Type & Size Nano Sim Slot
  • Other Sensors are a Temperature Accelerometer, Compass Magnetometer, Gyroscope Fingerprint Sensor, and Iris Sensor.

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